The wrong kind of mushrooms

If there’s one thing I’ve consistently failed to grow, it’s mushrooms. Except on my foot.   I’ve never managed to germinate so much a single spore from those grow-your-own mushroom kits.  But when it comes to fungal nail infections, I’m quite a pro.  So much so, that I decided to flash my festering foot on live TV.  

Well, it was too cold to do anything useful at the allotment, and I don’t possess an iron, so what better way to spend a morning, than in the company of Phillip and Holly and the lovely Dr Chris.  

It started with a request from a researcher on This Morning. She was looking for a volunteer with a fungal nail to test out a new high tech treatment, involving cold lasers. I didn’t even realise there were hot ones, but anyway, I was up for an adventure, and I did once have a bit of a thing for Phil – as well as a beautiful crop of nail fungi.

As they say: ‘there’s no shame, we’re all the same.’ Well, strictly that’s not quite true, not everyone is blessed with feet as fertile as mine, but hey…. Apparently nail fungi like warm, moist conditions, so no doubt they’re having a field day in my regulation allotment wellies.

Fortunately my 15 seconds of fame was just that. About 15 seconds. But I do at least get to try out this new cure – which happens to be worth a mind blowing £700, so clearly won’t be available on the NHS under this government, or any other.   Forget pumicing and nail painting – that’s quite a summer foot ritual.

And if it works, I would love to show off my new sandal-ready, fungi-free feet, in a pair of these gorgeous Clarks Scent Flower summer wedges.  Here’s hoping ….

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  1. That was brave of you! I hope it works.
    You’ve got me thinking, tho’ – I wear the same wellie boot socks all week 🙂

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