The price of a Christmas dinner

sproutsI received  an email this week about where to buy the cheapest veg for Christmas – sprouts, parsnips and carrots all for just 19p a bag.  And 2kg of potatoes also for a negligible 19p. (It’s Aldi if you’re interested.)

I love a bargain as much as the next person, but I’m really not sure how I feel about veg that costs, well, peanuts. Actually, peanuts probably cost more, but anyway.

For people genuinely on the breadline, then 19p potatoes must be a godsend (assuming there is transport to get to the shop in the first place and an oven to cook with) but it’s hardly an incentive to grow your own, which strikes me as a huge shame.   You can’t buy a packet of seeds for 19p, but neither can you buy the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food has come from, and all the benefits, both physical and mental, of growing your own produce. I swear mindfulness wouldn’t have become such a Thing, if more people spent more time gardening.

And even if you don’t want to grow your own veg, these prices do nothing to encourage people to shop locally and support local growers and businesses.

Presumably, anything that costs 19p a bag is not organic. Again, I realise organic is a luxury lots of people can’t afford (myself included) but for me that’s a key reason to grow your own. I’d rather there were more allotments available, and support for people to use them, than acres of poor quality, cut price veg.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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