Roast pumpkin and garlic soup

So, not to be outdone by a group of octogenarians, Unhusband made it to the allotment this week and heroically removed the pumpkin from its resting place.

Halloween Pumpkin

Once it was home, I spent ages Googling how to cook it, before deciding, as I usually do, to just turn it into soup and see what happens.

This is possibly the easiest recipe ever:

Roast pumpkin and garlic soup

  • De-brain the pumpkin by removing all the seeds and mush, saving some of the seeds to plant next year.
  • Scoop out the hard flesh into assorted chunks. Chuck them in a baking tray, toss with olive oil and season.
  • Throw in as many lightly smashed, but unpeeled garlic cloves as you dare (I used three whole bulbs for one pumpkin.)

Cook at 180 degrees for around 30 minutes, or until soft. By this stage the pumpkin will probably be floating in a sea of rather unappetizing looking orange-yellow liquid.

Don’t worry, just squeeze the garlic out of skins and discard the skins, then chuck the pumpkin, juices and garlic all in a blender (or use a handheld one) and whiz until smooth. Pumpkins are so watery you shouldn’t even need to add stock. Unless you like runny soup, that is. I don’t.

Result: a surprisingly delicious and velvety soup. Even the carnivorous Unhusband agreed.

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