That’s all, folks

Dear Allotment,

SAM_3990It’s over. Cheers for all those carrots (especially the purple ones) the beans, the courgettes, the courgettes, the courgettes, the beetroot (that D only ate because it made her wee turn red) the amazing pumpkins, the aubergines (that never really worked) the peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn, spinach, strawberries (that kept the kids quiet for hours while I worked) and the Jerusalem artichokes (whose unsavoury effects lingered for days) the rhubarb, butternut squash (that some bastard nicked) and all the other fruit and veg that kept us in our five a day and kept us out of Tesco. We’ve eaten in bucketfuls (and so have those bloody slugs.)

Cheers also, for the moments of sanity, clarity, inspiration and peace. Cheers for being there when I needed to escape – from the Mother In Law, Unhusband, the kids, and at times, from myself.  Life has been better with you in it. But it’s over.

This Sunday we’re off to the annual allotment barbecue. Not to enter our prize courgettes (which never won, anyway) but to say goodbye. To tell Mick, Clive, Reg and the rest that they won’t be seeing the kids again.  And for that, I’m sorry.  J, D and A have seen more of those guys, than they have of their own grandparents. We’ll have to get chickens instead. Or something.

old and young at the allotment

   young and old at the allotment







After years of procrastinating, we’re MOVING. Our stint in suburbia is over. The lure of sea, and some land of our own on which to grow our own, finally won.

In four weeks time we’ll be living in Devon. I hope the grass really is greener.

Allotmentmum will continue. (With apologies for any disruption while essential works are carried out.)

ps. Cheers for the prolapsed disc, too. You could have kept that one.

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  1. Green Mum in BDA says:

    Good luck with the move and new plot!
    We have chickens, mainly for our 2 kids.They make great pets – and give eggs, so we hope you give them a try.
    Looking forward to reading of your new food adventures.

  2. How exciting! Congratulations on your forthcoming move to Devon! Looking forwards to some pictures of the sea. Good luck.

  3. As one door closes another opens. Good luck with the move & a new life of cultivation in the South West. I look forward to hearing how you’re getting on!

  4. How wonderful, I’m wishing you every happiness in your new home. CJ xx

  5. I enjoyed your thought-provoking article in the Guardian today. I wish I knew more about who lived in our house before us. A real piece of history. Good luck with the house. From another allotment mum.

  6. I hope the move goes well. I am sure the grass probably is greener, but you will soon strim it down and get some veg in 🙂

  7. Adrian Sprinks says:

    I located this blog as a result of reading your excellent article in the family section of last Saturday’s Guardian, as it seemed to be the only way to contact you. I found the piece very moving and the sentiment was spot-on: it is inevitable that homes (and gardens and allotments!) die with their owners as the estate agents move into realise the asset for the beneficiaries. However, as your article shows, we can at least stop for a moment and acknowledge the previous occupant’s life and presence.

  8. Pema Brunet says:

    The grass WILL be greener and the Sea will make life worthwhile. You will make a great life there. May the kids prosper and the plot thicken! Happy New Home.

  9. Thanks for all the kind comments and good wishes – most of wish I have only just belatedly discovered. Hoping to start work on the new allotment soon!

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