That photograph

Looking at it now, I wonder if it’s a bit cheesy. My 10 week old son, asleep in the arms of a stuffed orang-utan.  But five and a half years ago, I thought it was the cutest thing ever.  It’s hard to believe that baby is the same child who now plays football and Angry Birds, eats two bowls of cereal every day for breakfast and speaks two languages (by default, not genius.)  Though he still has a bed full of soft toys.

When J was born we captured every single moment on camera – first breath, first tooth, first time he gagged on broccoli, first time he rode – and fell off – his bike, and everything in between. When D came along three years later, we recorded all the milestones, but some of the inbetween stuff got left behind.

I hate clichés, but that photograph reminds me just how quickly they grow up. More than that, it reminds me of the need to stop. To be present and simply watch. In just 10 weeks’ time I’ll have another baby – my third. Most nights I go to bed wondering how I’ll cope. How will I find the time to love another baby, in between school and nursery runs, spelling practice and tripping over the washing?

There are no grandparents to muck in, no outside help. Just us. And I’m a little scared.  Already, I’m planning how to fill naptimes – catching up on all the stuff I can barely manage with two children, replying to emails, cooking – not faffing around with stuffed primates and a camera.

But looking at that photograph, I realise all that can wait. I will turn off the computer, put the phone on silent, ignore the heap of washing. When my baby is born, I hope I can find the time, once again, to just sit and gaze. To be mesmerized by the fleeting newness of life. To be captivated and to capture. And to take cheesy photographs.

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  1. Gwen Bramwell says:

    I love this post Becky, and the photo of Jonas as a tiny baby is gorgeous! His face now seems to look just the same but just surrounded by lots of lovely curls! G x x

  2. I LOVE your post. You are so right – they grow up waaayyy too fast. I have three children (my youngest is now 5 yrs) and my eldest (10) eats two bowls of breakfast too! Truth is you do cope because you have to (I had no outside help either – no grannies or convenient aunties). You do get unbelievably tired in the early years and need to buy a diary and a watch (well, I did). BUT everything truly is a just a phase and the housework can and will wait. All too soon, we’ll be lying awake in bed at 3am waiting for them to come home from the party….

    Thanks for your words and good luck with baby #3.

    Jodi x

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Jodi. Good to hear someone else has been there too – and survived. It sometimes feels like everyone else has help! I don’t want to wish the time away (can’t imagine them as teenagers!) and yes, stuff the housework! x

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