The veg growers guide to growing flowers

I love flowers, but they're not really my forte.  When time is stretched I tend to focus on things we can eat. Some flowers are edible, but they hardly constitute a meal. Plus the last time I tried a nasturtium I had to wash it down with a large glass of wine (well that was my excuse, anyway.) I certainly wouldn't win any … [Read more...]

An easy (but essential) guide to crop rotation

Think of it like this: if you wear the same pair of jeans day in day out, they'll end up knackered. Vegetables are the same: grow the same crops in the same place every year and they'll soon wear out the soil (and then nothing will grow any more.) The idea of crop rotation is to avoid growing vegetables from the same … [Read more...]

Five reasons to grow veg (that have nothing to do with getting your five a day.)

  1. You will never again need to spend your weekend  surrounded by other people’s offspring trampling over each other in a so-called ‘soft-play’ area.  Just give your kids a spade and let them loose on the allotment.  Who cares if it’s 2 degrees / tipping with rain. It’s character building. 2. You know that what you eat is … [Read more...]

losing the plot on the plot

When I mention I’ve got an allotment, people often assume I’m some kind of kaftan-wearing vegan earth-mother, whose kids have never tasted Haribo. Yeah, right. In reality, we just don’t have space for a veg patch at home. One day we might move to the sticks (if Unhusband gets his own way) but until then, it’s an allotment in … [Read more...]

rainbow carrots

 The theme on the allotment this year is colour and diversity. I mean why grow green Brussels sprouts, when you can have purple ones? We also have purple mange tout and rainbow carrots. They're not actually stripy - genetic modification does have its limits - but they come in an array of yellow, orange and purple. The fun bit is … [Read more...]