Unhusband vs cats

Unhusband hates cats as much as I hate slugs. He also hates coriander, but that's just weird. Or as he claims, Italian. Unhusband would like to eradicate cats from the planet. I'd just like them reclassified as a garden pest on account of their wanton use of my borders and raised beds as a latrine. It's compost, not cat … [Read more...]

Rest in Peas

Easter may be over, but winter it seems, is not. This week I learned the hard way that an absence of snow (albeit five days) does not mean it’s Spring. For the last few weeks I’ve been growing seedlings at home – much to the annoyance of Unhusband. Apparently he didn’t install a new kitchen for me to turn it into a … [Read more...]

Nettle pasta

 Unhusband is Italian. Not just Italian, but Bolognese, which is apparently the cuisine capital of Italy (or so he claims.) So it’s a bit of a shame, not to mention a slight sticking point in our relationship, that I don’t really like pasta. Which is kind of like going to The Vatican and saying you don’t like the Pope. I just … [Read more...]

Another baby?

positive pregnancy test

‘Do you really, really, with all your heart, really, really want another baby?’ asks Unhusband. For a nanosecond I pause – mainly to draw breath.  But Unhusband seizes the opportunity. ‘See, you had to think about it,’ he says. ‘That means you don’t.’ ‘Yes, I do,’ I protest. But Unhusband is already waxing about the … [Read more...]