Goodbye crap week, hello spring.

Off the plot, it's been a fairly shite week: a broken (painfully expensive) molar*, chicken pox - and subsequent sleep deprivation - followed by nits (not me, I hasten to add.) And last night - with chicken pox finally under control and 'normal' sleeping patterns resumed - the dog woke up at 5am and proceeded to shit out half … [Read more...]

Rest in Peas

Easter may be over, but winter it seems, is not. This week I learned the hard way that an absence of snow (albeit five days) does not mean it’s Spring. For the last few weeks I’ve been growing seedlings at home – much to the annoyance of Unhusband. Apparently he didn’t install a new kitchen for me to turn it into a … [Read more...]

Smoke is in the air


The temperature is (occasionally) nudging double figures. The snowman has melted. The first daffodils are out. It can mean only one thing. ‘Let’s have a barbecue,’ says Unhusband. There is no point saying no. There is no point telling him everyone else is still inside with the central heating on. That this is suburbia, not … [Read more...]

Here We Go (again)

Ferrero Rocher

After a couple of false starts and interruptions – including forgetting the password to my own blog, and an unforeseen dash to A and E to get a scarily croupy five year old on oxygen (I said there was a reason we lived here in my about page ) – I am determined to update this blog regularly from now on. Passwords, sleepless … [Read more...]