The Very Annoying Slug (with apologies to Eric Carle.)

In the light of the moon, a little egg lay in the ground. One Sunday morning the rain came down - and  pop! - out of the ground came a fat and very greedy slug (and about three thousand of his relatives.) He started to look for some food. On Monday he ate through one row of  Cos lettuces. But he was still hungry. On … [Read more...]

The only way to kill slugs

Mick on the next plot shakes his head. ‘You want to put some pellets down there, love,’ he says. I decline as politely as I can. What I’d like to say is: ‘thanks for the advice, but I'd rather not poison my veg with those nasty little blue things that are harmful to kids, pets and the environment. If I wanted my veg served … [Read more...]