Five essential reasons to grow your own strawberries and a guide to planting

Strawberries are one of my favourite things to grow. This has a lot to do with the fact they're one of my favourite things to eat. (Obviously, I'm not including Kitkat chunkies here.) March is a great time to think about planting strawberries, or in my case sorting out the tangled mass of weeds and runners from last year's … [Read more...]

Kids, couch grass and poo

D Worm

Allotments are like kids. Take your eyes off them for five minutes and they run riot. This weekend, while Unhusband was otherwise engaged, I spent a back-crunching few hours trying to remove the gardening equivalent of felt tip pen on the walls, from the strawberry patch. If only couch grass came out in the wash. If you’ve … [Read more...]