Light at the end of the tunnel

‘Why don’t you just have a rest?’ says Unhusband. It’s 8.30; the kids are in bed (finally) and I’m off to the allotment. Unhusband is probably right. I’d be better off going to bed myself, or at least having a bath and a glass of wine. I’m tired. Dog-tired. Knackered, exhasuted, blurry eyed, headachingly tired. Sometimes I … [Read more...]

Silent Sunday


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Top of the crops

In honour of this week’s National Gardening Week (what, you didn’t know?!) I thought I’d try and come up with something vaguely useful and offer a few (inexpert) tips on growing your own, especially if you're still deciding what to plant. Whether you have a few containers, a patch of soil in the garden, or a whole allotment, … [Read more...]