The veg growers guide to growing flowers

I love flowers, but they're not really my forte.  When time is stretched I tend to focus on things we can eat. Some flowers are edible, but they hardly constitute a meal. Plus the last time I tried a nasturtium I had to wash it down with a large glass of wine (well that was my excuse, anyway.) I certainly wouldn't win any … [Read more...]

Top of the crops – the best six veg to grow on an allotment or veg patch

So, you've got your plot, or your patch, or even a few pots. But having watched The Big Allotment Challenge, you still don't have a clue what to grow, or how to grow it. So for what it's worth, here are my top six crops for beginners (or even experts, though I doubt any of those are reading.) Obviously, if you don't like any … [Read more...]

Italian veg porn

Half term came and went in a cloud of Easy Jet and missed opportunities. Seven days in Italy, fulfilling family obligations. Before you get all jealous I should probably point out that the highlight of the week was a visit to the Supermarket. Yes, that's right, not Rome or Tuscany, but the Italian equivalent of Tesco. Or  … [Read more...]

How to Grow Potatoes on a Postage Stamp

companion planting - beans growing up sweetcorn with squash growing below

Or in other words, how to grow loads of veg when you've only got a tiny space. Garden too small? Only got a windowsill? Still on the waiting list for an allotment? Fear not, with a bit of creative gardening, it's possible to grow more veg than you ever thought, well, possible. 1. Pot it.   Salad leaves and herbs make ideal … [Read more...]

Kids grow wild

Dear Teacher, I’m really sorry I didn’t do my reading last night (or the night before.) I went to the allotment with Mummy and D and my baby sister and we did lots of fun wild educational things instead. First we did some floating experiments. Look how these massive watering cans sit on top of the water.  But when I fill … [Read more...]