Unhusband vs cats

Unhusband hates cats as much as I hate slugs. He also hates coriander, but that's just weird. Or as he claims, Italian. Unhusband would like to eradicate cats from the planet. I'd just like them reclassified as a garden pest on account of their wanton use of my borders and raised beds as a latrine. It's compost, not cat … [Read more...]

competition – win a gardening book

Like bags of compost, and pots of seeds, you can never have too many gardening books. Unhusband would disagree (we have different clutter thresholds) but that's beside the point. So when 'The Joy of Allotments' arrived in the post, I was delighted to welcome it to my collection. Its light-hearted tone makes it a refreshing … [Read more...]

How to survive a heatwave

Bit of a gap in blog activity. This is because 1. I forgot the password to the admin page. Not quite as stupid as it sounds. I reformatted the computer and all the saved passwords disappeared. Obviously, a less stupid person would have written them down first.  And 2. I've been spending most evenings giving myself the gardening … [Read more...]

Win gardening goodies

They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands.  In my case, dry skin, callouses and clipped nails that haven't seen a lick of polish since shortly after puberty. I'm not really sure what all that reveals, except I've probably spent too much time at the allotment and have never had a manicure in my life. … [Read more...]

Stop bloody raining

So, after a very short lived heat-wave, in which I spent a fortune on factor 50 (the biopsy came back clear, by the way - hooray doesn’t do it justice) and then whisked the seedlings out of the greenhouse and planted them outside, it has now doggedly tipped it down ever since. And at 13 degrees centigrade, the temperature has … [Read more...]