You say spaghetti, I say courgetti

Summer seems to have bunked off early this year. Autumn has arrived ahead of schedule. Fortunately, the allotment courgettes don't seem to have noticed and are as prolific as ever. Which means only one thing: we're all sick off ratatouille. Having resisted the whole spiralising thing until now, I decided to give it a whirl … [Read more...]

Gold medal courgette cake

 You spend half the summer waiting for one to come along. Then twenty three come along at once. Having survived slugs, weeds and torrential rain, the courgettes have finally exploded into action and are currently multiplying faster than Team GB’s medal tally.   If there was a gold medal for fastest growing vegetable, the … [Read more...]

Top of the crops

In honour of this week’s National Gardening Week (what, you didn’t know?!) I thought I’d try and come up with something vaguely useful and offer a few (inexpert) tips on growing your own, especially if you're still deciding what to plant. Whether you have a few containers, a patch of soil in the garden, or a whole allotment, … [Read more...]