The veg growers guide to growing flowers

I love flowers, but they're not really my forte.  When time is stretched I tend to focus on things we can eat. Some flowers are edible, but they hardly constitute a meal. Plus the last time I tried a nasturtium I had to wash it down with a large glass of wine (well that was my excuse, anyway.) I certainly wouldn't win any … [Read more...]

How to Grow Potatoes on a Postage Stamp

companion planting - beans growing up sweetcorn with squash growing below

Or in other words, how to grow loads of veg when you've only got a tiny space. Garden too small? Only got a windowsill? Still on the waiting list for an allotment? Fear not, with a bit of creative gardening, it's possible to grow more veg than you ever thought, well, possible. 1. Pot it.   Salad leaves and herbs make ideal … [Read more...]