Eureka! The perfect place to plant garlic

I had something of a eureka moment on the plot this week.   While November marched onwards, I was still faffing over where to plant the garlic.  Not a major problem in  the grand scheme of things, but still, I like garlic and we eat loads of it. Having lost most of my onions to the birds, who have nothing but contempt for the … [Read more...]

losing the plot in April

It was always going to be a challenge - three kids and an allotment. Not to mention the vagaries of the Spring weather and the general, well, Italianess of Unhusband. As usual for April, the only real success so far is the rhubarb, which is sprouting faster than I can in drench it in caster sugar. But I can't take much credit … [Read more...]

Top of the crops

In honour of this week’s National Gardening Week (what, you didn’t know?!) I thought I’d try and come up with something vaguely useful and offer a few (inexpert) tips on growing your own, especially if you're still deciding what to plant. Whether you have a few containers, a patch of soil in the garden, or a whole allotment, … [Read more...]