Another baby?

positive pregnancy test

‘Do you really, really, with all your heart, really, really want another baby?’ asks Unhusband. For a nanosecond I pause – mainly to draw breath.  But Unhusband seizes the opportunity. ‘See, you had to think about it,’ he says. ‘That means you don’t.’ ‘Yes, I do,’ I protest. But Unhusband is already waxing about the … [Read more...]

Letting go – again

At six and and a half, he still doesn’t know about sex, or Syria, or cancer, or calories.  Though he has a reasonable knowledge of dinosaurs, earthquakes and volcanoes, and occasionally worries that one or all of them could pose a threat. He used to want to drive a dustbin lorry. But now, when he grows up he wants to be one … [Read more...]