Turning leaves, turning 40

autumn pumpkin

It's the perennial haircut.  I haven't stared in a mirror for this long since the last time I was at the hairdressers.  My reflection glares back, introducing me to fine, and not so fine, lines.  The mirror is gratuitously large, a purveyor of too much information. Outside, the first fallen leaves flap against the window.  … [Read more...]

The rules of blackberry picking (and a blackberry compote recipe.)

blackberry picking

There's only one thing better than food and that's free food.   (Not shoplifting obviously, that would be wrong and you might get arrested.) But food that's just hanging around in hedgerows waiting to be picked. Like blackberries. Blackberry picking is one of those idyllic Autumn pursuits that can actually be quite unpleasant … [Read more...]

Silent Sunday

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Allotment soup – some like it hot

It’s not often I get excited about domestic appliances. I don’t possess an iron, the vacuum cleaner only comes out in emergencies, and I don’t remember ever lifting a duster. Yes, I really am that crap. But when Wilkinson’s kindly sent me a lovely new shiny slow cooker, I practically went into labour with excitement. With … [Read more...]

This season’s must have: conker necklaces

conker necklaces

This week Unhusband participated in a craft activity. Yes, Unhusband who has a phobia of glitter and a pathological hatred of Play Doh, actually helped make something with the kids.   The reason: it involved a powertool – a big, throbbing piece of masculine machinery. A DeWalt 18V Cordless Combi Hammer Drill, to be precise. … [Read more...]