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When it comes to baking, I’m no Delia or Nigella, but I like to have a go.  Trouble is, so do J and D.  And once they get their mits in the mixing bowl, you can kiss goodbye to the recipe book – and anything vaguley presentable.

So when Wilkinson kindly sent us some spooktacular Halloween goodies, I knew I wouldn’t even get a look in. 

So while they got stuck in, I got the camera out.

Take two very excited kids, some basic biscuit dough, an unhealthy dose of food colouring and some Halloween cutters. Here goes:

Mummy couldn’t find the rolling pin, so we used a wine bottle instead.







Are they ready yet?







 Might look better with icing on.







 Icing ghosties in my vestie









 Are these bats vampire bats?









Pumpkin courtesy of the allotment. Everything else courtesy of Wilkinson.    Check out more of their range online for a fiendish and bargain Halloween – there’s still time to order!  







 I’d like to say these cookies tasted better than they looked …. but hey, it’s the taking part that counts.

Disclaimer: Halloween products were supplied free of charge by Wilkinson but opinions are my own.

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