plant your ride

The issue of my seedlings taking over the kitchen has become a something of a thorny topic.  Unhusband is not impressed that we are living in a makeshift nursery – or that we can no longer get to the dishwasher.

But then it struck me. The perfect greenhouse was sitting right outside the house in the form of my trusty dodgy Fiat. Eureka.

Cars make ideal growing environments, due to their sun trap, slug free properties, with no purchase necessary. Obviously it helps if you own a car in the first place. If not, it might be cheaper to actually buy a greenhouse.  

My  back window shelf is  now a hothouse of germination – including two types of climbing bean (Cobra – which I can highly recommend and Blue Lake which I haven’t tried before) as well as some lollo rosso lettuce (the red curly one) and some miniature varieties of pumpkin.

 As for the Fiat, it probably won’t pass its MOT in a couple of months, but at least it’s helping us to our five a day.

So if you want to pimp plant your ride, here are a few DO’s of automobile gardening:

  1. DO put your seed pots in a tray or you’ll be hoovering compost off the back seats.
  2. DO water regularly – it’s not only dogs that die in hot cars!
  3. DO put the roof up if you have a convertible. (And try not to look so smug.)
  4. DO ignore the neighbours when they give you funny looks for watering the inside of your car every evening.  
  5. DO drive carefully over speed bumps. Or you could end up with some interesting hair extensions.

So there it is, my gardening tip of the week. You’re welcome.

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  1. Genius and very funny! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Gwen Bramwell says:

    Bloody brilliant Becky! What a great idea. Really made me laugh too. G

  3. OMG, what a great idea! You are so right about being a sun trap. x

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