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This is our house.                                                                                 








This is me.







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And this is the workforce.








In hindsight, remaking the entire house while pregnant with number three, probably wasn’t the best idea.  But seeing as we couldn’t move and our two-up-two-down was barely big enough for the four of us, let alone five, it seemed like the only option. So, in came the builders and down came the walls – and the ceilings, and the stairs – and then the rain.

Mission (impossible) is to be back in by my due date of December 25th .  Yes, really.  That’s 2012, not 2013. So when I read that Tots100 and were offering the chance to win a dream room makeover, I couldn’t help but, well, dream. So here is my entry.

Currently, not one room is habitable. But after months of upheaval, not to mention the whole caravan nightmare, it’s the living room I’d most like to transform – into a room where we can chill, play, live, and just be a family. Here it is at the moment. As you can see, it needs a lick of paint.







Left to his own devices, Unhusband would probably whitewash the whole thing (you can take the Italian out of Italy … )  but I’d love to create a space that’s warm, nurturing, inspiring, and colourful – without looking like something out of Legoland.  

I’d like to bring a little of the allotment indoors. No, not the manure, but some rich, earthy colours, brown carpet, natural greens, and bright splashes of nature incorporated into fabrics and cushions. I’m thinking pumpkin orange, burnt sunflower yellow and turquoise skies.

I’d paint one wall a soothing green, and the others something lighter and reflective. On one of these walls, I’d have a calming oak, creeping up to the ceiling. From the branches, I’d hang my favourite pictures of the kids, the ones of them picking carrots and splashing in puddles, creating a visual ‘family tree’ that grows as we do.

A few extra square metres would also be handy, but short of knocking through to the neighbours (err, maybe not) some clever Scandinavian storage solutions would do the job, including something that doubles up as a window seat – assuming we have a window by then.   I’d accessorise with brightly coloured bean bags, one of those funky Thai floor cushion things, a rocking chair to feed the new baby in …

All I need now are some talented decorators and designers willing to donate their services, otherwise Unhusband really will dive in with a tin of anaemia.

So there it is:  my dream living room. I’ve created a couple of Pinterest boards. This one is full of inspirational colours all taken at the allotment. And here are a few things on my wish list.  Well, you’ve got to dream…. painting and decorating
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  1. Hope you get it all finished before little one decides to make his entrance! Lovely ideas, Good luck

  2. Oh I so want you to win now! How could I not? Brilliant story with the photos 🙂


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