magic lemons

Back in the depths of winter, well, Shrove Tuesday to be precise, the kids and I decided to plant some lemon pips.  Ok, I decided, but they were happy to take part as it meant eating loads of pancakes.  You can read about planting lemon pips here.

A few weeks later this happenened…                                            

         Then this …

 And now we have a mini lemon tree.

In case you’re wondering (no, didn’t think so) I picked up the pot in a charity shop.

Lemon trees can take about 10 years to produce fruit. So while we were waiting we did some magic paintings, using lemon as secret ink.  (Obviously, we had to buy more lemons for this, we didn’t actually wait 10 years.)

All you need is a lemon or two and a paintbrush. Simply squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl, then use it to paint a picture.

You won’t be able to see what you’re painting. But here’s the magic bit. When dry, place your paper in a very low oven, or hold over a flame (obviously, it helps if you don’t set it on fire) and wait for your masterpiece to appear. Magic.  The kids thought so, anyway.Personally, I’ll be more amazed if our lemon trees actually grow any lemons. I’ll update you in about ten years’ time….





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  1. Love the lemon pot – in the first piccy I really did think it was growing in a lemon skin! Try ironing the art… TM

  2. I love than lemon pot! At first glance I thought you’d hollowed out a giant lemon and put a plant in it. I know, I need to get out more….

    Love the secret ink tip too. So how long do I need to wait for a lemon to squeeze into my gin? 😉

    Thanks for joining in x

  3. Love it! So easy – even I can manage to do it!

  4. Great pics. That pot reminds me of the sorbet you get in hollowed out lemons in Italian restaurants sometimes. Mmmm, yum! Can’t believe you might be waiting 10 years for fruit, that is a test of patience!

  5. I planted an orange pip a month a go. Was surprised it actually grew. Like you I have to wait a long time for it to produce fruit.

    I actually thought you were growing the lemon tree in a carved out lemon lol!

    Laura x x x

  6. I love the lemon pot too, it’s fab! Wouldn’t it be great if you are actually rewarded with lemons in ten years! Also love the secret lemon ink. I never knew you could do that!

  7. I did that with orange pips years and years ago and we do get mini oranges! I’ll plant any pips in the vague hope they will take, love the lemon pot!

  8. No.Way. I think I had heard about the secret ink thing, but didn’t know it involved fire! I’m scheming now!

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