It’s not over til it’s over…

You know summer is officially over when a major supermarket starts selling snow shovels. I’m not talking about hidden away in some corner, but right in your face as soon as you walk in. Because clearly, we could all get snowed in at any moment and in Britain we like to be prepared.

Oh please, Tesco, give us a break. It’s still the summer holidays (just), the courgettes are multiplying faster than I can cook them. The beans and raspberries are still flourishing,  and I’ve still got frigging hayfever! Get the picture? It’s still SUMMER.

Tesco isn’t the only offender. Another supermarket flashes de-icer at me every time I log on to their website.  It’s like trying to flog school uniform the day the kids break up from school.  We finally get a decent summer, and the supermarkets usher in Winter while the rest of us are still using sun screen. Well I for one, plan to sleep with my 1 tog duvet until at least November.

Thankfully, some retailers haven’t forgotten that we still need to have Autumn, like clothing company Joules, who sent me this rather Joules green giletfetching green gilet from their women’s gilets range. It’s beautifully lightweight, with a soft fleecy lining – perfect for doing the watering in during those nippier evenings. Or walking the dog on a brisk morning.  Except I don’t have a dog. (Thankfully. Baby poo is one thing, dog poo is another.)

Joules bird scarf

Whether or not you have an allotment, a garden, or a canine, Joules have a great range of indoor and outdoor clothes – though not snow shovels or de-icer.  They’re also giving away one of these gorgeous scarves, with its on-trend bird print.

You can win one here simply by completing the phrase: ‘Summer is over when ….. ‘  Post your answer in the comment section below. For even more chances to win you can follow allotmentmum on Facebook and Twitter. Just follow the instructions below.

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Disclaimer:  I was sent the gilet free of charge to review. Opinions are my own.


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  1. Summer is over when the clocks fall back and the mornings get darker.

  2. Summer is over when you always need a coat to go outside.

  3. I would use them to de weed my garden and plant some seeds!

  4. laura banks says:

    summer is over when my heating starts going on

  5. katrina day-reilly says:

    summer is over when the temperature drops

  6. When I finally give up trying to turn the tomatoes red and make green tomato chutney!

    Laura our heating doesn’t go on till November!

  7. …the last raspberry gets eaten from the bush, the hens take themselves to bed at 8:00 and schools back!

  8. … when it is getting dark early. I am so not looking forward to dark mornings and evenings. Though I do love autumnal colours.

  9. when the kids go back to school and we dig out our coats again.

  10. Anna Stickland says:

    ..when Edward keeps all his clothes on when playing outside.


    When the leaves start turning brown and fall 🙁

  12. Hele R says:

    The leaves start to turn.

  13. Wendy Collard says:

    Summer is over when it is dark when I get up and dark when we eat dinner

  14. Kay panayi says:

    Summer is over when the leaves turn And the evenings get darker

  15. Suzanne Cooke says:

    the birds get their woolly hats out.

  16. melanie stirling says:

    Summer is over when the children go back to school.

  17. jodie harvey says:

    summer is over when 24 hours have passed from it starting!! 😀

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