Here We Go (again)

Ferrero RocherAfter a couple of false starts and interruptions – including forgetting the password to my own blog, and an unforeseen dash to A and E to get a scarily croupy five year old on oxygen (I said there was a reason we lived here in my about page ) – I am determined to update this blog regularly from now on. Passwords, sleepless nights and sick children permitting.

Not that I’ve been anywhere near the allotment lately anyway. Partly for reasons just mentioned, the closest I’ve come to gardening this month is watching Mr Bloom’s nursery on Cbeebies. Though I did learn something about nettle tea – apparently it needs to be covered, not just left to fester in a large bucket as I did last year. Not that the tomatoes minded, but Unhusband wouldn’t shut up about the stench and refused to help me decant it into watering cans.

Just because I haven’t actually got my wellies dirty, doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting prepared for spring. Oh no. The kitchen currently looks like I’ve forgotten to put the recycling out, as I’ve been collecting every bit of plastic with the potential to become a germination vessel. I could just use last year’s seed trays and pots but as I never got round to cleaning them and probably never will, the books say they could harbour diseases.

I’m particularly excited about an empty Ferrero Rocher box (almost as excited as I was about the chocolates inside it.) It’s not the classic rectangular box (not sure what you call a 3D rectangle) but one of those more classy looking flatish square ones. It’s got its own plastic lid, so I reckon it will make a great mini propagator. I might just have to buy another one.

Unhusband is of course less excited about my recycling collection, being a hater of clutter and an anti-hoarder. But as I told him, you never know when the plastic tray out of a biscuit selection tin might come in handy.

I also bought three bare root blackcurrant plants. But as they won’t produce any fruit until next year, I don’t know whether to put them in pots or plant them straight in the ground, just in case we move and I have to either uproot them or leave them behind. Unhusband still spends every night trawling the internet for houses by the sea. But the way things are going, I could be producing Ribena by the time we actually get there. That’ll be another reason for staying put then.

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