Goodbye Springter, hello April

It feels weird to be celebrating the end of winter – in April. But things are finally starting to happen on the plot and I’m feeling a long overdue sense of optimism.  So, in an effort to convince myself it can’t possibly snow again, here’s what’s growing right now:

Broad beans.

I planted these in the autumn and somehow they’ve managed to (mainly) shake off the snow and wind.  I got a bit impatient so picked some of the tops today and ate them, just to see what they tasted like really. Broad bean flavoured lettuce, in case you’re wondering.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

I’d almost given up with this – it seems ridiculous that something I planted this time last year has only just produced anything edible. I’m still not sure it’s worth the effort as it’s not exactly prolific, but it does look pretty awesome.



Despite the hype, I’m a kale convert.  Not only is it stupidly healthy, it’s the only bloody thing which is providing regular food this April. (We ate the purple sprouting broccoli in one meal, though hopefully there’ll be more.)  Kale on the other hand goes into almost everything I make. (The kids are thrilled.) Though I refuse to drink it and have yet to put it in a cake.

Elephant garlic.

 If I didn’t know any better I’d have mistaken this for leeks. Fortunately, I do know better just because I planted them.


I planted this in the autumn inside the carrot netting to keep the birds away. We’ve just finished the last of the carrots – which is pretty amazing considering I planted them last March – so I’ve taken the netting off and the garlic seems to be doing well.

Forced rhubarb.

Or as the kids call it, tortured rhubarb. I have no idea why. Anyway, I’m loving the sunset pink and can hardly bear to pick it, which kind of defeats the point really. Also, there’s not much of it.


As usual for this time of year, the kitchen is full of pots and soil, which are routinely knocked over by the kids and / or dog. This results in a lot of ‘mind your Italian’ from the Unhusband. But on the plus side, he’s now so annoyed he’s managed to find me a greenhouse, salvaged from somewhere. Unfortunately, he hasn’t actually put it up yet, which means seedlings in the kitchen for a bit longer, though I am tentatively moving them out to the polytunnel. Talking of which, I can’t believe how warm it is in there already.

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