rainbow carrots

 The theme on the allotment this year is colour and diversity. I mean why grow green Brussels sprouts, when you can have purple ones? We also have purple mange tout and rainbow carrots. They’re not actually stripy – genetic modification does have its limits – but they come in an array of yellow, orange and purple. The fun bit is you don’t know what colour you’re going to get until you pull them out. That’s about as rock and roll as my life gets these days! 

 I’m also trying a few experimental crops, like asparagus pea, which as the name imaginatively suggests, is supposed to taste like a cross between pea and asparagus. They look like mini okra, though are actually fairly tasteless.   

If we’re lucky we might get  some ‘cucumber apples’  (you guessed it, a cross between a cucumber and an apple) though as they’re normally grown in Australia we could be waiting a while. One notably absent colour this year is red. The strawberries came to an abrupt slug-aided end and the entire tomato crop got wiped out by blight – gutting, especially as I seemed to have developed a craving for them. Oh well, at least the kids are happy with their rainbow carrots.  

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  1. I love the rainbow carrots. My favourite thing is yellow courgettes though, they look fab on the plate as a zing of colour and taste much sweeter than the green new I find. Shame the slugs keep beating me too mine!

    A friend grows snow peas which he says are fab, not tried them, but maybe a nice one to try next season xx

    • Hello! So sorry I’ve only just discovered your comment here – waiting to be approved. I’ve never tried yellow courgettes, but that’s def one for next year. Are they as easy to grow as the green ones? x

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