For the love of purple sprouting broccoli just eat it!

The star of the this year’s plot is definitely the purple sprouting broccoli. To be fair, it’s only April and there’s not much competition – the kale is finished, the leeks are nearly over, and nothing else is ready.

But that’s fine, because I’m loving this magnificent psb (see, I’ve even got the lingo!)   

It’s ridiculous to think it’s taken a whole year since sowing to get to this stage. To be honest, I’d almost given up thinking it was going to do anything. Then this happened:

Since then it’s been growing like the grass – minus the need for mowing.  So last week I made leek and purple sprouting broccoli lasagne. I didn’t have a recipe, I made it up – always a bit risky – but it worked and everyone ate it.

This week, I was pushed for time (read: couldn’t be bothered to cook) so I just steamed it slightly then stir-fried it with anti-social quantities of garlic.  (Good job I don’t work in an office.)

This was the response I got:

Unhusband: there’s a bit too much plant attached.

The 5 year old: why is there a garden on my plate?

The 8 year old: did you wash it properly? It tastes of mud!  (It did not taste of mud.)

The 11 year old: what’s for pudding?

Me: FFS (under breath) I’ve defended this plant from slugs, snails, wind and wood pigeons for 12 whole months. THERE IS NO PUDDING UNLESS YOU EAT IT.

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