Five reasons to grow veg (that have nothing to do with getting your five a day.)


1. You will never again need to spend your weekend  surrounded by other people’s offspring trampling over each other in a so-called ‘soft-play’ area.  Just give your kids a spade and let them loose on the allotment.  Who cares if it’s 2 degrees / tipping with rain. It’s character building.

2. You know that what you eat is exactly what it says on the seed packet.  No added chemicals or rogue horse meat.

3. No need to waste time and money on end of term presents for the teacher.  S/he already has 25 boxes of Quality Street and more cosmetics than the Body Shop. A home grown veg box is much more sensible. The same goes for the M Unlaw at Christmas. Forget lavender soap and talc, stick some home grown jam and chutney down her stockings instead.

4. When above relative outstays her welcome you will always have a reason to escape. Those Brussels sprouts really must be picked today. The allotment greenhouse can’t possibly survive another hour without watering. And then there’s all that weeding to do. And no, she couldn’t possibly help with her back condition.

5. With all that veg you’ll be eating, you might as well have some more cake.

 Feel free to add your own reason for growing veg below…..


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  1. 6. You can actually MAKE cake with some of the veg grown…. another good reason to eat more cake, its practically healthy!! (-;

  2. 7) you can share your children’s delight in them watching their baby plants get bigger and bigger. You also get to teach them patience!

    Love your reasons!

  3. I give my two jobs like fetching manure in a kiddy wheelbarrow or emptying my bucket of weeds. (I’m working on getting the oldest (4yrs) to recognise weeds so we can get him going on that job!

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