Turning leaves, turning 40

autumn pumpkin

It's the perennial haircut.  I haven't stared in a mirror for this long since the last time I was at the hairdressers.  My reflection glares back, introducing me to fine, and not so fine, lines.  The mirror is gratuitously large, a purveyor of too much information. Outside, the first fallen leaves flap against the window.  … [Read more...]

Light at the end of the tunnel

‘Why don’t you just have a rest?’ says Unhusband. It’s 8.30; the kids are in bed (finally) and I’m off to the allotment. Unhusband is probably right. I’d be better off going to bed myself, or at least having a bath and a glass of wine. I’m tired. Dog-tired. Knackered, exhasuted, blurry eyed, headachingly tired. Sometimes I … [Read more...]

On ageing

When I was 17 I worked in an old people’s home.  I made a lot of tea and encountered a lot of bodily fluids.   Perhaps I made too much tea.  It was a sad place, surrounded by people stained by time and regret. None of us wanted to be there; not me, not them. Though at the time, sloshing commodes for half the minimum wage was … [Read more...]

I named my daughter after a potato

It wasn’t intentional. And no, she wasn’t conceived at the allotment. But a couple of weeks after giving birth, I discovered my daughter shared her name with a humble spud. Well, more of a speciality potato to be precise. Unfortunately, so too did Mick on the next plot. ‘Are you going to stick her in the ground then?’ … [Read more...]

Flowers not bombs

It’s National Gardening Week and this year’s focus is on growing wildflowers to encourage wildlife. So far, so good.  So a few days ago I took J and D (and newborn, but she didn’t participate, obviously) to Wisley, where we made seed bombs. Yes, seed bombs. Not our term, but theirs, and at the time it seemed as innocuous as … [Read more...]