The rules of blackberry picking (and a blackberry compote recipe.)

blackberry picking

There's only one thing better than food and that's free food.   (Not shoplifting obviously, that would be wrong and you might get arrested.) But food that's just hanging around in hedgerows waiting to be picked. Like blackberries. Blackberry picking is one of those idyllic Autumn pursuits that can actually be quite unpleasant … [Read more...]

magic lemons

Back in the depths of winter, well, Shrove Tuesday to be precise, the kids and I decided to plant some lemon pips.  Ok, I decided, but they were happy to take part as it meant eating loads of pancakes.  You can read about planting lemon pips here. A few weeks later this … [Read more...]

Kids grow wild

Dear Teacher, I’m really sorry I didn’t do my reading last night (or the night before.) I went to the allotment with Mummy and D and my baby sister and we did lots of fun wild educational things instead. First we did some floating experiments. Look how these massive watering cans sit on top of the water.  But when I fill … [Read more...]

Flowers not bombs

It’s National Gardening Week and this year’s focus is on growing wildflowers to encourage wildlife. So far, so good.  So a few days ago I took J and D (and newborn, but she didn’t participate, obviously) to Wisley, where we made seed bombs. Yes, seed bombs. Not our term, but theirs, and at the time it seemed as innocuous as … [Read more...]

scary cookies

When it comes to baking, I'm no Delia or Nigella, but I like to have a go.  Trouble is, so do J and D.  And once they get their mits in the mixing bowl, you can kiss goodbye to the recipe book - and anything vaguley presentable. So when Wilkinson kindly sent us some spooktacular Halloween goodies, I knew I wouldn't even get a … [Read more...]