The rules of blackberry picking (and a blackberry compote recipe.)

blackberry picking

There's only one thing better than food and that's free food.   (Not shoplifting obviously, that would be wrong and you might get arrested.) But food that's just hanging around in hedgerows waiting to be picked. Like blackberries. Blackberry picking is one of those idyllic Autumn pursuits that can actually be quite unpleasant … [Read more...]

Best rhubarb recipes ever

 Rhubarb. It’s the marmite among vegetables (and yes, it’s a vegetable, not a fruit.) You either love it or hate it. Well, don’t dis it until you’ve tried these recipes – designed to turn even the most committed rhubarb avoider. I too was once averse to rhubarb – or at least the acrid stewed variety served with globular … [Read more...]

Would you eat roadkill?

It’s just gone 9am when the phone rings. I’m in between the school run and the nursery run. As usual I’m running – after D who is scooting perilously fast for her age, slaloming in and out of the ubiquitous dog poo. Newborn bounces against my chest in the sling and I have a feeling I’ve forgotten to do my bra up. Again. Then, … [Read more...]

scary cookies

When it comes to baking, I'm no Delia or Nigella, but I like to have a go.  Trouble is, so do J and D.  And once they get their mits in the mixing bowl, you can kiss goodbye to the recipe book - and anything vaguley presentable. So when Wilkinson kindly sent us some spooktacular Halloween goodies, I knew I wouldn't even get a … [Read more...]

Allotment soup – some like it hot

It’s not often I get excited about domestic appliances. I don’t possess an iron, the vacuum cleaner only comes out in emergencies, and I don’t remember ever lifting a duster. Yes, I really am that crap. But when Wilkinson’s kindly sent me a lovely new shiny slow cooker, I practically went into labour with excitement. With … [Read more...]