An easy (but essential) guide to crop rotation

Think of it like this: if you wear the same pair of jeans day in day out, they'll end up knackered. Vegetables are the same: grow the same crops in the same place every year and they'll soon wear out the soil (and then nothing will grow any more.) The idea of crop rotation is to avoid growing vegetables from the same … [Read more...]

That’s all, folks

Dear Allotment, It's over. Cheers for all those carrots (especially the purple ones) the beans, the courgettes, the courgettes, the courgettes, the beetroot (that D only ate because it made her wee turn red) the amazing pumpkins, the aubergines (that never really worked) the peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn, spinach, strawberries … [Read more...]

How to survive a heatwave

Bit of a gap in blog activity. This is because 1. I forgot the password to the admin page. Not quite as stupid as it sounds. I reformatted the computer and all the saved passwords disappeared. Obviously, a less stupid person would have written them down first.  And 2. I've been spending most evenings giving myself the gardening … [Read more...]

Light at the end of the tunnel

‘Why don’t you just have a rest?’ says Unhusband. It’s 8.30; the kids are in bed (finally) and I’m off to the allotment. Unhusband is probably right. I’d be better off going to bed myself, or at least having a bath and a glass of wine. I’m tired. Dog-tired. Knackered, exhasuted, blurry eyed, headachingly tired. Sometimes I … [Read more...]

On ageing

When I was 17 I worked in an old people’s home.  I made a lot of tea and encountered a lot of bodily fluids.   Perhaps I made too much tea.  It was a sad place, surrounded by people stained by time and regret. None of us wanted to be there; not me, not them. Though at the time, sloshing commodes for half the minimum wage was … [Read more...]