Listography: top 5 truths according to women

I’ve never done one of these Linky things before, but hey, there’s always a first. So when prompted to consider what being a woman has taught me, I came up with the following. Naturally, fannies came into it quite a bit. 1. It takes nine months to grow a baby, and nine months to lose the weight afterwards. Bollocks. You will … [Read more...]

trailer park mum

‘Run!’ I scream as we charge breathlessly  through the school gates, the seconds ticking dangerously towards nine o’clock.  ‘Run!’  I scream again. J rushes towards the classroom, trailing his book bag and his oversized jumper, and almost tripping over his new dinosaur school shoes.  I follow breathlessly, hampered by my … [Read more...]

Beauty and the allotment

The sun made a rare appearance at the allotment this weekend. Sadly, the same could not be said of Unhusband.   But at least D fell asleep in the pushchair (another rare event these days) which gave me a chance to erode a few more vertebrae, get on with some digging.  And get chatted up by some half naked men. Call me … [Read more...]