I named my daughter after a potato

It wasn’t intentional. And no, she wasn’t conceived at the allotment. But a couple of weeks after giving birth, I discovered my daughter shared her name with a humble spud. Well, more of a speciality potato to be precise. Unfortunately, so too did Mick on the next plot. ‘Are you going to stick her in the ground then?’ … [Read more...]

Flowers not bombs

It’s National Gardening Week and this year’s focus is on growing wildflowers to encourage wildlife. So far, so good.  So a few days ago I took J and D (and newborn, but she didn’t participate, obviously) to Wisley, where we made seed bombs. Yes, seed bombs. Not our term, but theirs, and at the time it seemed as innocuous as … [Read more...]

Letting go – again

At six and and a half, he still doesn’t know about sex, or Syria, or cancer, or calories.  Though he has a reasonable knowledge of dinosaurs, earthquakes and volcanoes, and occasionally worries that one or all of them could pose a threat. He used to want to drive a dustbin lorry. But now, when he grows up he wants to be one … [Read more...]