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There’s been an unseasonably large gap between this post and the last – or should that be the first. Call it technical difficulties. But as I probably don’t have any followers yet, I probably don’t need to apologise.

Lord Sugar Young Apprentice

Autumn is now a rotting pile of leaves, and there’s a definite downturn in the air – and on the telly. I’ll Be A Celebrity When They Get Me Out of Here, and Big ‘and way beyond my sell by date’ Brother can mean only one thing: it must be winter.

While I can’t watch either of these for longer than it takes to locate the remote control, I do find myself weirdly drawn towards Young Apprentice. I’m intrigued by this new breed of teenager that struts around in tailored suits and fights for survival in boardrooms.
Come on kids, shouldn’t you be out catching Chlamydia and abusing your livers? At 16, I’d never even heard of a USP. And I’m still not sure if it’s something you plug into the computer, or something to do with marketing.

Of course, I’m not seriously advocating STI’s and early onset cirrhosis, but if you can’t get into trouble at 16, you’ll only regret it later. You’ve got the rest of your lives to fail to make enough money and get rejected at job interviews.

Though when Harry M and co are all millionaires by the time they’re 30, and I’m still counting Clubcard tokens, they’ll be the ones having the last laugh. Lol.

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