Hello.  I’m a mum, freelance journalist, and grower of fruit and veg. I’ve got three kids, known here as J,D and A, aged 10,7 and 4.  Like most kids, they prefer Haribo to home-grown kale.

Then there’s Unhusband: the father of my children who still hasn’t made an honest woman out of me. I’m still searching for a suitable title for him. Boyfriend sounds too juvenile, common law husband sounds like an insurance application, and partner sounds like we’re either in a same sex relationship or some kind of business unison. He too prefers Haribo.

I started growing things when I was about eight years old, when I stuck a lemon pip in a yoghurt pot filled with earth and hid it in the airing cupboard to see what would happen. It grew!  And the seeds of addiction were sown.

I’ve been growing stuff ever since, with varying degrees of success. When kids came along, I decided to up the game and take on an allotment. This was when we lived near London and could hear the M25 from our (tiny) back garden.

Then a couple of years ago we moved to Devon and now I grow everything on my home ‘allotment’ (except Haribo.)

It’s not just about the fruit and veg, eating seasonally, and avoiding pesticides and all the other crap that’s in shop-bought produce. It’s also about staying sane and keeping my head above the compost heap. The more I grow, the more I realise I couldn’t live without it.