The Big Allotment Challenge – what a load of manure.

OK, I get that the clue is in the title. It's The Big Allotment Challenge.  Not the Big Allotment Survival Guide. Though a few more tips on how to actually grow your own produce would have been nice. But surely, a competition about allotments, should actually be about allotments - about digging, weeding, watering, sowing, … [Read more...]

I’m giving up chocolate for Lent. No, really.


There's a kind of warped logic about having an allotment. It goes something like this:  I grow my own veg, therefore I must be healthy, therefore I don't need to worry about how much chocolate I eat, and I'll burn it off digging anyway. I mean, it's all part of a balanced diet, right? Broccoli, spinach, beetroot, beans, … [Read more...]

Italian veg porn

red and yellow peppers

Half term came and went in a cloud of Easy Jet and missed opportunities. Seven days in Italy, fulfilling family obligations. Before you get all jealous I should probably point out that the highlight of the week was a visit to the Supermarket. Yes, that's right, not Rome or Tuscany, but the Italian equivalent of Tesco. Or  … [Read more...]

Letter from the heart

Dear A, I'm sorry we haven't seen each other for so long. I know we've had our differences but I don't want it to end this way. It's not you, it's me. Sometimes things just come between us - you know; time, work, kids, weather. I just want you to know I still care about you and I still want you to be part of my life. It's not … [Read more...]

Unhusband vs cats

fake cat deterrent

Unhusband hates cats as much as I hate slugs. He also hates coriander, but that's just weird. Or as he claims, Italian. Unhusband would like to eradicate cats from the planet. I'd just like them reclassified as a garden pest on account of their wanton use of my borders and raised beds as a latrine. It's compost, not cat … [Read more...]