Sun-dried courgette recipe

Summer is definitely here - and so are the courgettes.  The only difficult thing about growing them can be knowing what to do with them.  While they are great fried, they  can sometimes end up on the soggy or oily side.  Today - inspired by the heatwave and an old Italian cookery book I found in a charity shop, I came up with … [Read more...]

For the love of purple sprouting broccoli just eat it!

The star of the this year's plot is definitely the purple sprouting broccoli. To be fair, it's only April and there's not much competition - the kale is finished, the leeks are nearly over, and nothing else is ready. But that's fine, because I'm loving this magnificent psb (see, I've even got the lingo!)    It's ridiculous … [Read more...]

Goodbye Springter, hello April

It feels weird to be celebrating the end of winter - in April. But things are finally starting to happen on the plot and I'm feeling a long overdue sense of optimism.  So, in an effort to convince myself it can't possibly snow again, here's what's growing right now: Broad beans. I planted these in the autumn and somehow … [Read more...]

How to sow seeds and keep them alive in springter

March is fickle month. One minute it's snowing, the next it's all warm and daffodilly. It's not winter, it's not spring, it's springter. I think I just invented a new season there. March is the perfect time to start many seeds off indoors. Tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and peppers all need sowing this month to give them a … [Read more...]

Back soon …..

It's been a long, difficult winter and I haven't spent much time on the plot so far this year. Aussie 'flu has a lot to answer for.  But I can't wait to get back to both gardening and blogging. Watch this space .....   … [Read more...]