Growing seeds – just like having babies, really.

Not just a pretty stick

Once again there seems to have been an election sized gap between blog posts. Sorry about that. The good news is, the seeds I planted a few weeks ago are emerging from the soil like wispy blades of grass. Carrots and parsnips are sprouting in wiggly lines (I could pretend this is to confuse the slugs, but really I'm just … [Read more...]

How to grow your own raspberries – maximum fruit, minimum effort.


It might be the Chinese Year of the Sheep, but at the allotment it's the year of soft fruit (at least it is on my plot.) I've always focussed on growing veg, with the addition of a few haphazardly sown raspberry canes and some neglected strawberry plants.  So this year, with a brand new plot, my resolution is to spend more … [Read more...]

An easy (but essential) guide to crop rotation


Think of it like this: if you wear the same pair of jeans day in day out, they'll end up knackered. Vegetables are the same: grow the same crops in the same place every year and they'll soon wear out the soil (and then nothing will grow any more.) The idea of crop rotation is to avoid growing vegetables from the same … [Read more...]

Upcycle your old fence

fence art

 Happy New Year!   As 2015 gets underway you might be looking at replacing your garden fencing, especially if your existing fence was destroyed in the recent British weather bomb. But before you take your battered old posts and panels to the tip, or burn them on the bonfire, why not think about upcycling them instead? Here … [Read more...]

Competition: win a fabulous wooden playhouse


So a few weeks ago - (or was it months ?) - I made one of these.  Ok, painted it. I didn't actually make it, it came as a flatpack. And now you can win one of your own. To enter, click on the link below and vote for your favourite playhouse.  If you're not sure which one to vote for, then mine is number five!   Good … [Read more...]